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ABOUT Bitcoin Loophole

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

WHAT IS THE Bitcoin Loophole?

Cryptocurrencies are now firmly part of the mainstream financial assets category. It all started with bitcoin, which was the first ever cryptocurrency and still continues to dominate the space owing to the huge price gains it has posted. Initially a futuristic idea of peer-to-peer digital money, cryptocurrencies have now evolved to be digital stores of value. And with just over a decade of history behind them, they have now found their way on virtually every investment discussion table. As a case, bitcoin grew from a value of less than $1 to just below $20,000 in less than 10 years, making numerous crypto millionaires along the way.

Bitcoin was just the pioneer; there are now numerous other crypto coins and tokens that continue to lead the digital revolution of money. The crypto space is still in its infancy, and investors interested in gaining exposure to this space are naturally finding it hard to define and apply an appropriate trading strategy. This is exactly why we developed Bitcoin Loophole - to help the common retail investor gain access to the unlimited opportunities provided by the price action of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Loophole was developed to apply advanced technical, fundamental and sentimental crypto strategies so as to generate massive profits for community members. The software scans for high quality trading opportunities in over 100 crypto coins and tokens, and only executes the best of them. This ensures that it trades the crypto market with an ascertained accuracy of 99.4%.

Aside from strategy, Bitcoin Loophole also comes with high customization capabilities and features, such as the Strategy Tester. Members also have access to a demo account where they can test and tweak their strategies before trading for real profits. As well as comprehensive customer support and easy withdrawals, Bitcoin Loophole is no doubt the best partner for any retail investor that is ready to experience firsthand the magic of the cryptocurrency world.

Who We Are – Bitcoin Loophole Team?

Bitcoin Loophole was created by a diverse team of economists, mathematicians and developers who have worked together for over 20 years developing multiple trading and analysis tools in the financial industry. The idea to create Bitcoin Loophole came about as Bitcoin grew out of reach of the common retail investor as well as the difficulty in picking out the best altcoins.

With a combined experience of over 200 years between us, Bitcoin Loophole was created as the ultimate trading software for Bitcoin and other altcoins. The current version of the software was tested for over 18 months and managed to earn our beta testers millions of dollars. Bitcoin Loophole is now available to the public (for free) for a limited time as we seek to grow the community as well as allow more investors have their taste of time and financial freedom.

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What Makes Bitcoin Loophole Different?

Bitcoin Loophole is not your ordinary automated trading software.
Here are its unique features:



Bitcoin Loophole applies the highest security standards throughout its ecosystem to ensure that the safety and security of members is never compromised at any given time. Your capital and profits will always be secured.


Ease of Access

It is quick and easy to join the Bitcoin Loophole community. As well, the software has a user friendly and intuitive interface that is web based and designed for ease of use and navigation, even for investors with little or no trading experience.


Trusted Partners

Bitcoin Loophole has partnered with only reliable, professional and trustworthy companies for the brokerage needs of its members. Such brokers ensure that members only have to worry about their trading activity (actually, profits), and nothing else.


No License Fees

Bitcoin Loophole is available for free. No hidden fees, charges or commissions. Your capital and profits remain yours 100%. Furthermore, Bitcoin Loophole partners do not charge any fees when depositing or withdrawing funds from your trading account.


Numerous Trading Assets

Bitcoin Loophole scans for trading opportunities on over 100 crypto coins and tokens.


24/7 Trading

The crypto market never sleeps, neither does Bitcoin Loophole. This means that members get to make money round the clock.


Customer Support

Bitcoin Loophole customer support is friendly, professional and very responsible. The team will respond, with utmost urgency, to all investor inquiries or issues 24/7.


Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
He specializes in market strategies and technical analysis, and has been interested in Bitcoin and actively involved in the crypto markets since 2013.
Apart from writing, Anton’s hobbies and interests include sports and movies.